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Committed to Excellence

In 2008, Alex and Julie established Backyard Bookkeeper, a small accounting firm catering to local small businesses. With zero initial capital, bootstrapped the company from scratch, despite the ongoing recession.

Today, Backyard Bookkeeper provides accounting services to businesses nationwide, and it stands as one of the most renowned bookkeeping companies in Utah. Additionally, Julie and Alex are also the owners of Backyard Payroll and Bookkeeper Academy.

With over 15 years of experience in the accounting and bookkeeping industry, Alex and Julie recognize a significant challenge business owners face – the absence of robust financial data to effectively manage and expand their businesses. The lack of appropriate setup, qualified staff, and adequate training often hinders their decision-making process. They understand that making sound choices becomes exceedingly difficult without reliable financial data.

To tackle this obstacle, SPC Strategies LLC has a clear mission: to foster business growth by offering qualified bookkeepers, accountants, or controllers for hire, along with comprehensive training and support in setting up and reorganizing accounting departments.

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